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Director: Katia Czatorysky and Savannah Giselson
Production Designer: Delaney Rath and Lorr Volatier
Cinematographer: Chandler Cearley and Simms Wright
Hair and Makeup Designer: Sylvana Gibson

Two women from different worlds collide by chance in Berlin, Germany and find solace from the men controlling their lives in each other and as independent women.



Director: Dri Sommer
Production Designer: Kahei Shum
Cinematographer: Coyote
Hair and Makeup Designer: Morgan Sellers


An encounter between two strangers leads to deception a person leads in order to survive.

Premiered at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA) in Winston Salem, NC. This film was shot with two cameras and projected on the same screen at SECCA with Infinitec 3D filtered glasses.

Nominated for Best Short Film at RiverRun Film Festival 2018


Director: Emery McGaha
Production Designer: Delaney Rath
Cinematographer: Mitch Perrin
Hair and Makeup Designer: Kate Ryan

A mother and son have a strained relationship in regards to a missing girl and a murder.